A little about me and what I do.

A photo taken by a friend first sparked an interest in my now love of photography. The picture stuck with me and brought such inspiration that the following year I bought my first camera, enrolled in a course and began shooting... everything. Friends, pets, flowers, skies, you name it. As they say, the rest is history…

My specialty is photojournalism. Creating images to tell a story, whether posed or candid. I encourage individualism to shine through during our shoots and believe emotions emit the best expressions in order catch the little things... a brooding laugh, a demure smile, a tender touch, or a playful act.

I cover large events such as weddings, intimate affairs, like a new bundle of joy, also family and individual portraits. I can use strong direction or gentle guidance when needed. As a photographer I believe you need to be able to connect with your clients to see their vision and capture their story. 

I invite you to browse through some of the wonderful moments I've been honored to share and hope one day, to tell your story through photographs as well. 

~ Shots@JanineFullertonPhotography.com ~